Pastor’s Corner for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A, by Rev. Fr. Nobert Munekani SJ

The First Reading from the prophet Jeremiah 20:10-13. The prophet expresses his frustration and anguish over the opposition he faces for delivering God’s message and in fulfilling his calling. Despite the persecution, hardships, Jeremiah reaffirms his trust in God and acknowledges that God is with him, giving him strength and protecting him from his enemies. This theme encourages us to persevere in our faith, even when confronted with adversity or opposition.

The Psalm of this Sunday invites us tocall upon the Lord in faith, seeking His loving response and to endure insults and shame, trusting in His boundless kindness and mercy.

The Second Reading from Romans 5: 12-15 says Sin and death entered the world through one man, Adam, but through the one act of righteousness by Jesus Christ, grace and eternal life are made available to all who believe. Through Adam’s transgression, humanity was condemned, but through Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection, God’s gift of forgiveness and justification abounds, offering reconciliation and abundant life to those who receive it. This theme emphasizes the transformative power of Christ’s sacrifice and the opportunity for new life and salvation.

The Gospel from Mathew 10: 26-33, Jesus encourages His disciples to fearlessly proclaim His teachings, assuring them that whatever is hidden will be revealed and their actions will be brought to light. He emphasizes that they should not fear those who can harm the body, but rather fear God who holds ultimate authority over both body and soul and promises that those who acknowledge Him before others will be acknowledged by Him in return.

The Gospel reading further emphasizes the value that God places on everyone. Jesus affirms that God’s care extends even to the smallest details of His creation. This theme reminds believers of their worth in God’s eyes and reassures them of His intimate knowledge and care for them.

For the sick

Let us continue to pray for the sick members of our parish especially Benedicta Ngwebelele, Joyce Xaba, Anna Dlhamini and Andrew Ledwaba.

Fr. Nobert Munekani SJ

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