Pastor’s corner for the 19th Sunday In Ordinary time by Fr. Nobert Munekani SJ


The readings for this sunday share a common theme: finding faith amidst life’s storms. In the first reading we learn about the prophet Elijah finding comfort with God on Mount Horeb. This story teaches us about the importance of sensing God’s presence amidst challenges. Elijah’s journey reflects our spiritual path. Sometimes life is tough, and we seek solace from God. God’s voice is gentle and subtle, not always grand or powerful. We must pay attention to God’s quiet presence. The noise of the world can drown it out. Like Elijah, let’s find moments of calm to listen.

God’s response to Elijah shows His love and understanding. He cares for us, even in dark times. Trust that God is close and loves us. The “still, small voice” is how God speaks to us. It may not be loud, but it guides and comforts us. In our faith journey, we may face doubt and fear. But remember to pray and meditate, turning to God for support.

In the gospel passage Jesus uses a stormy situation to strengthen the faith of his disciples. Despite being away, Jesus comes to their rescue, but they struggle to recognize him at first. When Jesus says, “Take courage. It is I,” whe emphasizes his divine presence, but the disciples still seek proof. Peter, with wavering faith, asks to walk on water towards Jesus but starts to sink due to fear. Jesus reminds them to trust and asks why they doubted.

Finally, as the storm calms, the disciples recognize Jesus as the Son of God. This gospel encourages us to have unwavering faith in the face of life’s challenges, knowing that Jesus is always with us.

We are invited to examine our own faith journey. Like the disciples, we may face storms and challenges that test our faith, but Jesus reminds us to take courage, trust in Him, and step out in faith. Even when we falter, we can call out to Him, knowing that He is ever-present and ready to save us. Ultimately, by recognizing Jesus as the Son of God, we can find solace and strength, knowing that He walks with us through the storms of life, guiding us safely to the shores of His love and grace.

Both stories show that faith is not just a feeling or the absence of difficulties. It’s a steadfast trust in God’s presence and power. When we face challenges, we must turn to God and listen for His voice.

For the sick

Let us continue to pray for the sick members of our parish especially Benedicta Ngwebelele, Magola Legoale, Phoebe Ngwenya and Andrew Ledwaba.  

Rev. Fr. Nobert Munekani SJ

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