Sacred Heart of Jesus

This sodality is devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is the greatest symbol of mercy and grace. Sacred Heart members strive to have a heart that is meek and humble just as Jesus has. Through the Sacred Heart, we have a channel in which we unite ourselves more intimately to God and through which God communicates with us. This sodality is open to men and women who want to join the sodality. The probation period is about two years.

St. Anne’s Sodality

This sodality is devoted to St Anne who is a great symbol of motherhood and family life. The sodality strives to serve the family and serve the community. Only married women can join this sodality as it promotes marriage and nurturing the family in the catholic church. The probation period is about two years.

Daughters of St Anne

The  Daughters of St Anne sodality is aimed at promoting the spirit and virtues of the catholic church to women. They strive to encourage and promote a believing community that fully participates in living out the Gospel. The sodality only allows women to be members.

Kemolo ya Maria

This sodality is devoted to Mary, the Immaculate Virgin. This sodality strives to honour the Blessed Virgin Mary and promote Marian devotion in the Catholic community. Blessed Virgin Mary is the example strength and motherhood.