In the 25 years since the 50th Jubilee Celebration of the Parish, in 1996, there have been some changes in the way people worship. The social environment within which religious institutions operate has seen a decrease in the sizes of the congregations of the original/historic churches (e.g. Anglican, Dutch Reformed Church, Lutheran, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Zionists etc.) as more and more young people felt a need for change and find themselves attracted to the newer more charismatic churches.

For St Martin de Porres Orlando West the impact of this change has been much more noticeable at the High School (which shares the same name as the Parish) where, unlike in the past, the students do not necessarily have to belong to the Roman Catholic Religion. This dynamic has had a somewhat negative effect on the spiritual development of the Catholic youth countrywide. St Martin de Porres has been working with the Archdiocese to make the youth of the Parish feel needed i.e. that they have an important role to play in the growth of the Parish.