There are various portfolios that have representation on the Parish Pastoral Council.

  • Liturgy: this portfolio is mainly responsible for ensuring a communal participation in the celebration of sacred mass through praising, thanksgiving, penance and supplication. The liturgy portfolio has various functions and as such there are a varied number of ministries represented such as: alter servers, choir, ministers of hospitality, children’s liturgy, proclaimers, extra-ordinary ministers of Communion and funeral ministers.
  • Communications portfolio: this portfolio is meant to facilitate all means of communication and it seeks to find ways in which to better communication efforts.
  • Catechism: this portfolio is meant to educate children and adults about the Catholic faith. The aim is to continuously nourish and help in growing our faith.
  • SPRED: This portfolio is aimed at assisting those in our community with special needs to be integrated in our community and help as much as possible to grow and understand the faith.
  • CARITAS: This portfolio works to help people around the community with their various needs. The aim is to assist with either providing them with information to get them help or to facilitate a way to help members of the community with their needs.
  • Evangelisation: this portfolio aims to spread and promote the word of God through various ways such as section prayers, divine renovation, Alpha and the Renew Africa programme.
  • Vocations: this portfolio aims to assist those who recognise that they have a calling to serve God either through priesthood or becoming nuns.